THE OTHER PATH Podcast 2022

Take a trip down The Other Path, where witches, shape-shifters, and trickster spirits haunt derelict towns and neighbourhood parks. Classic folk tales meet modern life in a podcast series filled with magic, mystery, and danger.

Our five audio dramas are inspired by fantastical tales from the past, but set in today’s modern world. Follow the risk-takers and the desperate as they tangle with creatures straight out of folklore to pursue their dreams! 

Written by award-winning Canadian writers, each episode comes alive with the voices of professional actors and artfully crafted music and sound. 



An amazing digital theatre series you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Join us as we bring the magic of Odyssey Theatre to our virtual stage. Over the coming year you can enjoy, podcasts, live readings, workshops, webinars and more.  Click the photo below for all the latest new on coming events.



Odyssey is committed to supporting new play creation for innovative Canadian artists by providing dramaturgy and hosting performance workshops. Click the button below to read about plays currently in development. 



Since 1985 Odyssey has been dedicated to presenting unique, imaginative, and high caliber productions in the Commedia dell’Arte tradition. Explore photos, reviews, and awards from our 35 years of performances below!


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