Lysistrata and the Temple of Gaia

Written and directed by David S. Craig

A provocative, sexual, and funny new play that blends farce, Greek chorus work, and a giant masked goddess to expose our apathy to environmental catastrophe.


“….wonderfully funny[…]The acting is terrific, the punchy script crackles with immediacy, and you’ll be laughing out loud at the notion of making Greece great again.”
—Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen

“One revelation after the other drives the plot forward, each one plays out with more wit and textual charm with underlying depth than the preceding, creating a delightful text full of fascinating exchanges.”
—Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle

“Odyssey Theatre’s production values were all top notch. The set was gorgeous, the costumes were fab, and Gaia’s entrance and subsequent scene rocked the night.”
—Allan Mackey, Onstage Ottawa

“Craig’s play gleefully mixes past, present, and future, cultural entertainment icons, and pretty much anything he feels will help drive home his message about catastrophic climate change along with his take on patriarchy, love, and mankind’s unchanging cluelessness.”
—Peter Robb, Artsfile


Ottawa Citizen Top 10 Best Live Performances of 2018 

Set and Mask Designer Jerrard Smith
Costume Designer Lori Hickling
Lighting Designer Graham Price
Sound Designer Rick Sacks
Choreographer Lola Ryan
Dramaturges Laurie Steven, Eleanor Crowder, Janet Irwin
Production Manager Graham Price
Stage Manager Laurie Shannon
Props Christine Hecker
Cast David Warburton, Catriona Leger, Shelley Simester, Natalia Gracious, Sarah Finn, Martin Julien, David daCosta, Lisa Norton