The Wedding

Adapted and directed by Laurie Steven

Adapted from an Indonesian shadow puppet play translated by James R. Brandon, Pandam Guritno Siswoharsojo, and Stephen R. Alkire.

“[The Wedding‘s] transposition on a stage with human actors worked magnificently, thanks mainly to director Laurie Steven. Very clearly, she has reached the pinnacle of her art[…]Laurie has done something extraordinary by creating a hybrid corporeal performance. She has fused commedia techniques with the gestures and movements of the Indonesian shadow puppets and the result is a fascinating style of movement, which fuses the vulgar commedia with the delicate hand gestures and ways of walking and talking of those lacy refined puppet creatures. The Wedding is a must!”
—Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio One

The Wedding [is] a production that combines elements of Commedia dell’Arte, Indonesian shadow puppetry and even a little martial arts into an original theatrical experience that goes from the ridiculous to the sublime[…]Rated 5 stars out of 5.”
—Denis Armstrong, The Ottawa Sun


Capital Theatre Critics Award for Best Director – Laurie Steven

Set & Costume Designer Art Penson
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Choreographer Peter Chin

Fight Choreographer Mark Huisman
Composer & Music Director John Armstrong
Musical Collaborator & Musician Robert Graves
Lighting Designer Rebecca Miller
Prop Design & Construction Almut Ellinghaus

Stage Manager Heather Landon
Cast Alix Sideris, Pierre Simpson, Scott Maudsley, Marc Bendavid, Nathalie Baroud, Terry Judd, David Langlois, Mark Huisman, Craig Burnatowski