The Other Path Podcast


Take a trip down The Other Path, where witches, shape-shifters, and trickster spirits haunt derelict towns and neighbourhood parks. Classic folk tales meet modern life in a podcast series filled with magic, mystery, and danger.

Our five audio dramas are inspired by fantastical tales from the past, but set in today’s modern world. Follow the risk-takers and the desperate as they tangle with creatures straight out of folklore to pursue their dreams!

Written by award-winning Canadian writers, each episode comes alive with the voices of professional actors and artfully crafted music and sound.

Heart’s Home by Jo Walton
A story about home and belonging, this eerie fantasy is inspired by a legendary story from the Third Branch of the Mabinogion, a work of mediaeval Welsh literature.
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Double Trouble by Marty Chan
A tale about the desperation of poverty, Chan’s dark and suspenseful comedy is inspired by the Chinese folktale “Two of Everything.”
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The Witch’s Circle by Emily Pohl-Weary
This modern day Gothic adventure is inspired by the Slavic folktales about the extraordinary Baba Yaga.
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The Belt and the Necklace by C.S. MacCath
This haunting and fantastical dramedy adapted from a recently discovered 19th century Bavarian folktale, explores fashion’s fixation on beauty and our exploitation of nature.
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The Feathered Ogre by Daniel Peretti
A contemporary adaptation of Calvino’s Italian folktale, The Feathered Ogre explores the tension between tradition and modernity and how to heal what divides us.
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Anurag Choudhury

Erin Eldershaw, Bruce Spinney







The Other Path podcast launches October 5, 2002.

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