By Laurie Steven
Based on a scenario by Laurie Steven and material created collaboratively by the ensemble
Directed by Laurie Steven

An original romance inspired by an Indian folktale about the war between two sisters to divide a kingdom. Staged integrating elements of Indian Kathakali.

“The elaborate multi-faceted set design is a delight, the percussive musical accompaniment is expertly performed and well-conceived, and the costumes and masks, as is usually the case at Odyssey, are spectacular. Laurie Steven’s direction is supple and imaginative, as she keeps this restless fictional world in marvelous motion[…]Odyssey has delivered another magic evening of theatre. We are lucky to have such an imaginative and intelligent theatre company here in our city.”
—Tom McSorley,
CBC Radio 1

“The spell cast by Kamalay is in the spectacle of Karen Rodd’s masks, Art Penson’s versatile set design, Ron Ward’s lighting and Anne-Marie Gaston’s choreography. Not to mention the music; it is all enhanced by Dan Sauvé’s performance. The formula of many seasons continues to work its charm under Steven’s assured direction.”
—Iris Winston,
Ottawa Citizen

Dramaturges Chet Rajani
, Lib Spry
Set & Costume Designer Art Penson
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Choreographer Anne-Marie Gaston (Anjali)
Composer & Music Director John Armstrong
Musical Collaborator & Musician Dan Sauvé
Lighting Designer Ron Ward

Prop Design & Construction Isaiah King
Stage Manager Erin Oke
 Jesse Buck, Beverley Wolfe, Jeffrey Aarles, Andrew Morphew, Robert Ross Parker, Susan Bonham, Sarah Chrétien-Melbourne, Lincoln Shand, Lisa Norton, Sarah Joy Bennet, Lindsay Milligan, Allison Patterson, Alistair Cheng, Matt Nemer, Andrew Watson