Past Productions

Odyssey has been staging its Theatre Under the Stars programming since 1986. Explore our work through a glimpse at some of our most memorable past productions, including our first indoor production, A Guy Named Joe, in 2009.

The Amorous Servant

By Carlo Goldoni
Translated by John Van Burek
Directed by Attila Clemann

A Canadian translation of a Goldoni Commedia jewel about the value of integrity.

“Laurie Steven’s company is evolving into something that is redefining the old Commedia rules of Italian street performance.”
– Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle

“This Amorous Servant seduces her audience… [a] robust outdoor production.”
– Patrick Langston, Artsfile

“The bottom line is you can’t go wrong with Odyssey.”
– Jennifer Hartley, Ottawa Life Magazine

“Odyssey Theatre has built itself up on fusing the nostalgia of the Classics with a more contemporary vibe and The Amorous Servant is no exception.”
– Brie McFarlane, The New Ottawa Critics

“There’s just something magical and wonderful about an evening of theatre under the stars.”
– Allan Mackey, Onstage Ottawa

“The Amorous Servant is yet another feather in the cap of a company that chooses quality over quantity with their productions…I highly encourage everyone to see it.”
– Ian Huffam, The New Ottawa Critics

Director Attila Clemann
Set Designer John Doucet
Mask Designer Jerrard Smith
Costume Designer Vanessa Imeson
Lighting Designer Ron Ward
Stage Manager lindi G. Papoff
Cast David Warburton, Chris Ralph, Suzanne Roberts Smith, Joshua Browne, Abraham Asto, Lise Cormier, Christopher Allen, Tiffany Claire Martin

The Bonds of Interest

By Jacinto Benavente
Original translation by Catherine Boyle and Laurie Steven
Directed by Laurie Steven

The con is on when two penniless con artists arrive in a town of pretenders and concoct a devious scheme to get rich. But the town is in too deep and too tied up in their vested bonds of interest to blow the whistle.

“‘Ingenuity and impudence are all we have,’ says Crispin. Throw in imagination, a little Vaudeville pas de deux, love and chance, and an Oxford comma. Add a mask. A sprinkle of Shakespeare. The glamour of opera. And you have a must-see play.”
—Colin Noden, Apt613

“At times it’s funny, at times it’s disquietingly vicious. Always, it’s clear that we are witnessing a heightened representation of human behaviour and one that both signals and masks the characters’ true intention.”
—Patrick Langston, Artsfile

“…the secret of this production is clearly the magic of the staging … All this roaring activity takes place against a magic background when, after sunset, the urban forms of Barry Padolsky’s scenography emerge glowing in the dark, appearing to grow out of the greenery of Strathcona Park, like magic creatures called up by the night.”
—Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle


Prix Rideau Award for Outstanding Production

Prix Rideau Award for Outstanding Design – Vanessa Imeson (costumes)

Prix Rideau Award for Outstanding Male Performance – Mitchel Rose

Prix Rideau Award of Emerging Artists – Lucy Sanci

Dramaturge Laurie Steven
Assistant Director Madeleine Hall
Set Designer Barry Padolsky
Costume Designer & Wardrobe Vanessa Imeson
Mask & Makeup Designer Clelia Scala
Lighting Designer Graham Price
Sound Designer Venessa Lachance
Choreographer Marie-Nathalie Lacoursière
Fight Movements Choreographer Stavros Sakiadis
Production Manager Graham Price
Stage Manager Susan D. Currie
Props Arielle Voght
Cast Ross Mullan, Anurag Choudhury, Stavros Sakiadis, Mitchel Rose, Bruce Spinney, Maryse Fernandes, Soo Garay, Scott Maudsley, Neta J. Rose, Erin Eldershaw, William Beddoe, Scott McCulloch, Lucy Sanci, Tanasiah Lavallee-Smart, Maureen O’Brien

Lysistrata and the Temple of Gaia

Written and directed by David S. Craig

A provocative, sexual, and funny new play that blends farce, Greek chorus work, and a giant masked goddess to expose our apathy to environmental catastrophe.


“….wonderfully funny[…]The acting is terrific, the punchy script crackles with immediacy, and you’ll be laughing out loud at the notion of making Greece great again.”
—Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen

“One revelation after the other drives the plot forward, each one plays out with more wit and textual charm with underlying depth than the preceding, creating a delightful text full of fascinating exchanges.”
—Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle

“Odyssey Theatre’s production values were all top notch. The set was gorgeous, the costumes were fab, and Gaia’s entrance and subsequent scene rocked the night.”
—Allan Mackey, Onstage Ottawa

“Craig’s play gleefully mixes past, present, and future, cultural entertainment icons, and pretty much anything he feels will help drive home his message about catastrophic climate change along with his take on patriarchy, love, and mankind’s unchanging cluelessness.”
—Peter Robb, Artsfile


Ottawa Citizen Top 10 Best Live Performances of 2018 

Set and Mask Designer Jerrard Smith
Costume Designer Lori Hickling
Lighting Designer Graham Price
Sound Designer Rick Sacks
Choreographer Lola Ryan
Dramaturges Laurie Steven, Eleanor Crowder, Janet Irwin
Production Manager Graham Price
Stage Manager Laurie Shannon
Props Christine Hecker
Cast David Warburton, Catriona Leger, Shelley Simester, Natalia Gracious, Sarah Finn, Martin Julien, David daCosta, Lisa Norton

The Servant of Two Masters

By Carlo Goldoni
Adapted and directed by Andy Massingham

In this rollicking comedy, the savvy and perpetually hungry servant Truffaldino concocts a scheme to double his wages (and his meals) by serving two masters at once.

“…surely this summer’s hit! Not to be missed.”
Rajka Stefanovska, Capital Critics Circle

“…a wonderful form of classic theatre, highly accessible for even the most theatre averse to just let go and laugh.”
Allan Mackey, On Stage Ottawa

“[A] truly entertaining show from start to finish”
Kabriya Coghlan, Apartment 613


Capital Critics Circle Awards for Best Actor – Jesse Buck, Best Director – Andy Massingham

Prix Rideau Awards for Outstanding Production, Outstanding Direction – Andy Massingham, Outstanding Female Performance – Dana Fradkin (nominations for Outstanding Male Performance – Jesse Buck, Outstanding Female Performance – Sarah Finn, Outstanding Design – Jerrard Smith)

Dramaturge Laurie Steven
Set & Mask Designer
 Jerrard Smith
Costume Designer
Vanessa Imeson

Fight Choreographer Zach Counsil
Sound Designer Steven Lafond
Lighting Designer Ron Ward
Stage Manager Alexandra Maisonneuve
Cast Jesse Buck, Sean Sullivan, Lynne Griffin, Dana Fradkin, Maryse Fernandes, Adam Sanders, Zack Council, Sara Finn, Joshua Wiles

The Things We Do For Love

An evening of three plays inspired by the traditions of Spanish Commedia dell’Arte.

Saving Melisandre
Written and directed by Laurie Steven

Inspired by an episode from Cervantes’ Don Quixote

The Love of Don Perlimpìn and Belisa in the Garden
By Federico García Lorca

Adapted and directed by Laurie Steven

Whether You Like It or Not
By Tirso de Molina

Translated and adapted by José María Ruano de la Haza
Directed by Laurie Steven

“…fun, visually stunning, well-acted, and cheeky.”
Ian Huffam, The New Ottawa Critics

“Within Odyssey’s all round incredibly talented cast, Karen Knox is a dynamo as Finea in Whether You Like It Or Not. She’s so engaging that it’s impossible not to get lost in the thrill ride of this show, beginning to end…Odyssey Theatre’s summer shows are consistently some of the strongest and most creative in the Ottawa season, usually managing to accomplish the rare feat of drawing me back out for a second viewing before the run ends.”
–Allan Mackey, On Stage Ottawa


Prix Rideau Award for Outstanding Acting – Karen Knox

Set Designer Marcelo Donato
Costume Designer Naomi Mathieu
Mask Designer & Construction Jerrard Smith
Masks on Sticks Designer Clelia Scala
Fight Choreographer Mark Huisman
Music Director John Armstrong
Lighting Designer Ron Ward
Puppet Design & Coaching John Nolan, Kathy MacLellan
Stage Manager Barry Cook
Cast Karen Knox, Dana Fradkin, Scott McCulloch, Alan K. Sapp, William Beddoe, Chandel Gamble, Mark Huisman, John Nolan

The Financier

By Alain-René Lesage
Translated by Laurie Steven and Joanne Miller
Directed by Laurie Steven

A satiric look at society filled with greedy schemers.

“Steven has done a wonderful job of choreographing the production’s stylized movement.” 
Patrick Langston, The Ottawa Citizen

“Director Laurie Steven is back among us and her excellent command of the Commedia dell’Arte technique that shone through this performance.”
Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle


Capital Critics Circle Award for Set and Costume Design – James Lavoie

Set & Costume Designer James Lavoie
Mask Designer Almut Ellighaus
Fight Choreographer 
Mark Huisman
Music Director 
Venessa Lachance
Lighting Designer 
Glenn Davidson
Cast Jesse Buck, Andy Massingham, Alanna Bale, Chandel Gambles, Attila Clemann, Mark Huisman, John Doucet, Paulette Sinclair, Nichola Lawrence

Arms and the Man

By George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Andy Massingham

Shaw’s comedy about love and war.

“…a beautiful burst of energy that starts high from the first drumbeat and rises with no snags until the final clap.”
Ian Huffam, The New Ottawa Critics

“…this production—funny, fast, and furiously satire—works[…]strong in concept and overall execution, the production includes small, memorable moments.”
Patrick Langston, The Ottawa Citizen

Set Designer Snezana Pesic
Costume Design & Construction Alex Amini
Mask Design & Construction Almut Ellinghaus
Lighting Design Ron Ward
Stage Manager Chantal Hayman
Cast Pierre Brault, David Warburton, Philippa Leslie, Doreen Taylor-Claxton, Claire Armstrong, Attila Clemann, Dylan George

The Bonds of Interest

“A must see play” – Colin Noden, Apt613

In 2019, Odyssey Theatre produced its first international collaboration with a stunning production of a new translation and adaptation of The Bonds of Interest by Nobel Prize laureate Jacinto Benavente.

The Bonds of Interest is a brilliant comic intrigue about two con artists who swindle an entire town of crooked merchants, powerful elites, and grasping pretenders, all of whom will stop at nothing to get rich quick. This clever satire takes aim at the corruption and insatiable greed flourishing in a modern money-driven world.

Distinguished Spanish scholar Catherine Boyle and Artistic Director Laurie Steven developed the new translation, which premiered on Odyssey’s stage. Boyle is head of the department of Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies at King’s College London University. Her work encompasses translation in collaboration with professional theatre companies, including the Royal Shakespeare Company where she was dramaturge for their Spanish Golden Age season.

She is also the Director of Out of the Wings, a UK organization that aims to make the riches of Spanish theatre accessible to English-speaking theatre professionals and audiences. The new translation received workshops by Odyssey in Canada and by Out of the Wings in London. Thanks to this partnership, this remarkable piece of modern theatre is now available to contemporary English-speaking audiences around the world.

Inspired by graphic novels and hip-hop jazz funk music, a world of decadent glamour and decaying wealth set the backdrop for this satire of mob mentality unleashed by greed and exploited by two cunning schemers.

Click here to see more information about The Bonds of Interest and other past productions.






Game of Thrones actor goes back to his roots with Ottawa Theatre Group, CBC News

William Beddoe from Odyssey Theatre tells us about their performance of The Bonds of Interest at Strathcona Park by Dylan Black, Rogers Daytime TV

The Bonds of Interest — Audience Reactions on Opening Night
We caught up with our audience members on opening night to see what they thought of The Bonds of Interest. Check out what they had to say about the show!  


Commedia with commentary in Odyssey Theatre’s latest production by Patrick Langston, Artsfile

“At first blush, you’d swear that Odyssey Theatre’s upcoming production, The Bonds of Interest by Spanish playwright Jacinto Benavente, was cherry-picked as a commentary on Donald Trump and his version of America.”

Game of Thrones actor returns to Ottawa Theatre by Darren Major, CBC News

“I’ve never really played a character like that in my life. So Laurie and I thought that this would probably be a good project for me to come back [to] and this looked like it was the right season.”

The Bonds of Interest: Jacinto Benavente’s Renewal of Spanish Theatre (1907), a significant choice for this new Odyssey beginning by Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle

“There is a magnificent twist at the end, which is worth the whole evening”

Theatre Review: Odyssey Theatre’s The Bonds of Interest by Colin Noden, Apt613

“‘Ingenuity and Impudence are all we have,’ says Crispin. Throw in Imagination, a little Vaudeville pas de deux, love and chance, and an Oxford comma. Add a mask. A sprinkle of Shakespeare. The glamour of opera. And you have a must-see play.”

Odyssey Theatre’s Bonds of Interest unmasks flawed humanity with panache by Patrick Langston, Artsfile

“Movement on this set and under these lights is highly stylized […] At times it’s funny, at times it’s disquietingly vicious. Always, it’s clear that we are witnessing a heightened representation of human behaviour and one that both signals and masks the characters’ true intention.”

Ottawa Photos of the Week, CBC News

“Game of Thrones actor Ross Mullan returns to the Odyssey Theatre in Ottawa after being away for 26 years to star in The Bonds of Interest.”



Summer Theatre Round-Up Part Two, CBC In Town and Out with Giacomo Panico

Friday Arts Report with The Bonds of Interest‘s Assistant Director Madeleine Hall by Barbara Gray, CKCU FM 93.1

The Game of Love and Chance

By Marivaux
Adapted and directed by Andy Massingham

A comedy that probes the human heart as it exposes class distinctions.

“…a glass full of joy and immense fun, sprinkled liberally with the sexy time, served on a platter of wonderful, accessible, and timeless source material…”
–Allan Mackey, On Stage Ottawa

“I loved the moments when Dorante (Daniel Briere) and Silvia (Stephanie Izsak) disguised as their own servants, try to show how indifferent they really are to each other even though both have been smitten with the love bug from the first glimpse[…]Snezana Pesic’s costumes were fitting and her set shone and glittered like the perfect site of one of Offenbach’s musical masterpieces.”
–Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle


Capital Critics Circle Award for Best Design (Masks) – Almut Ellinghaus


Prix Rideau Awards for Outstanding Design  Snezana Pesic

Sound Designer Andy Massingham
Dramaturge Janet Irwin
Set Design Snezana Pesic
Costume Design Snezana Pesic
Mask Design & Construction Almut Ellinghaus
Choreographer Courtney Bamford
Lighting Design Ron Ward
Stage Manager Chantal Hayman
Cast Daniel Briere, Stephanie Isaac, Jodi Stevens, Chris Ralph, Zach Counsil, Evan Dowling

The Fan

By Carlo Goldoni
Adapted and directed by David S. Craig

A riotous, tender, angst-ridden exploration of small town machinations.

“As the Count, Andy Massingham is a highly amusing embodiment of pomposity and foolishness. Pierre Brault delivers a Baron who is as conniving as the Count but slightly more intelligent and much better off. Stylish in appearance (aided by Snezana Pesic’s costumes and Almut Ellinghaus’s masks) and presentation, both are precise in holding the exaggeration of mannerisms and tone to the appropriate level…this production of The Fan is a clear reminder of Odyssey’s raison d’être.”
Iris Winston, Capital Critics Circle

“This is a wonderful way to discover Goldoni, a great evening of fun and an exciting 25th anniversary celebration.”
Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle

“…Chief among [the main cast] is Andy Massingham whose Count, an impecunious poseur who claims a devotion to the “beaux arts,” is alone worth the price of admission…sly, obsequious and vastly entertaining.”
Patrick Langston, The Ottawa Citizen


Prix Rideau Award for Outstanding Adaptation – David S. Craig
Capital Critics Circle Award for Best Professional Actor – Andy Massingham


Prix Rideau Awards for Outstanding Production, Direction – David S. Craig, Female Performance – Rose Napoli,  Male Performance – Andy Massingham. Capital Critics Circle Award for Best Professional Production.

Dramaturge Laurie Steven
Set Design Brian Smith
Costume Design Snezana Pesic
Mask Design & Construction Almut Ellinghaus
Choreography Jay T. Schramek
Music Composer John Armstrong
Lighting Design Ron Ward
Stage Manager Krista MacIsaac
Cast Andy Massingham, Pierre Brault, Alix Sideris, Nicolas Van Burek, Robin Craig, Brad Long, Rose Napoli, Jay T. Schramek, Kaitlyn Semple, Michael Showler

They All Do It

By Janet Irwin
Directed by Paul Griffin
Based on Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte

Janet Irwin’s exploration of love and commitment in the age of consumerism.

“Had Mozart been in the audience Thursday night, he would have been tickled pink at Odyssey Theatre’s new production They All Do It.”
Patrick Langston, The Ottawa Citizen

“…the action is as light and funny as an episode of Glee, particularly when John Armstrong’s music, described as a twist on Mozart’s score, kicks in.”
Denis Armstrong, Ottawa Sun

“…They All Do It is surprisingly wonderful. The writing is sharp, funny, clear, relatively clean and transcends Mozart’s original comedy succinctly in the vernacular kids speak today. That’s an amazing accomplishment, when you consider that our 16-year-old loved it[…]the production boasts one, two, three terrific performances.”
Denis Armstrong, Ottawa Sun

Dramaturge Laurie Steven
Set & Costume Designer Roy Hansen Robitschek
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Music Composer John Armstrong
Lighting Designer Ron Ward
Stage Manager  Samira Rose
Cast Ben Clost, Kelly Rigole, Andy Cockburn, Emma Hunter, Charlotte Gowdy, Matt O’Connor

A Guy Named Joe

Written and directed by Laurie Steven

An original contemporary social satire, and Odyssey’s first indoor production co-produced with Gladstone Theatre.

“The storyline develops in a most unexpected and very amusing way. People who can’t pay their rent, poor people harassed by the police, victims of civil injustice, corrupt capitalism ­and that’s exactly what Laurie Steven’s vision is here[…]she’s created a multitude of exciting stage figures to tell her story[…]Pierre-Paul Savoie’s choreography, linked to Laurie Steven’s staging, created the most exciting moments. [The cast] worked like a perfect acrobatic team[…]they do almost like a dance with words. Everything works together beautifully.”
Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio

“[A Guy Named Joe is a] resonant comedy…written and directed with a highly focused vision by the company’s artistic director. The masks and stylized movement of Commedia, heightened by Davidson’s lighting, underscore these powerful tensions between Joe’s interior and exterior action, just as they do in other characters.”
—Patrick Langston, The Ottawa Citizen


Prix Rideau Award for Outstanding Costume Design – Jennifer Triemstra, Karen Rodd

Assistant Dramaturge Laurie Fyffe
Set & Lighting Designer Glenn Davidson
Costume Designer Jennifer Triemstra
Design & Construction of Masks, Puppets,
Puppet Costumes, & Special Effects
 Karen Rodd

Choreographer Pierre-Paul Savoie
Fight Choreographer Mark Huisman
Composer & Musical Director John Armstrong
Stage Manager Wendy Rockburn
Cast Nicholas Di Gaetano, Scott McCulloch, Cory Doran, Scott Florence, Mark Huisman, Alex Guard, Thea Nikolic

A Curious Mishap

By Carlo Goldoni
Directed by Paul Griffin

Even the best laid plans are thwarted. A whirlwind of comic misunderstandings of P.G. Wodehousian proportions!

“Andy Massingham, as the father, Philibert, and Sideris as his daughter, Giannina, seem at home here. They give excellent physical performances that range from frantic to nuanced. Thea Nikolic does solid work as the servant Marianna, who is never shy about pressing her own agenda[…]Thanks to the 1920s setting and the design work of Art Penson, A Curious Mishap looks splendid. The flapper-style dresses, Philibert’s rich brocade smoking jacket and Cotterie’s golf togs are fancifully elegant. The pretty set is a model of economy, with two doors and three swinging panels to accommodate the action.”
–Catherine Lawson, Ottawa Citizen

“It is not just Griffin who should be lauded for the success of the show, but his cast as well, who tap into the world of clowning to draw out zany characters. Andy Massingham’s interpretation of a wealthy, stubborn (but soft-hearted) father is perfect.”
–Kat Fournier, Ottawa XPress

Set & Costume Designer Art Penson
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Lighting Designer Lynn Cox
Stage Manager Samira Rose
Cast Alix Sideris, Andy Massingham, Scott Florence, Madeleine Donohue, Dylan Anthony Jukes, Thea Nikolic

Bungsu and the Big Snake

By Lib Spry
Directed by Diana Fajrajsl

Based on a scenario by Lib Spry and material created collaboratively by the ensemble.

“Girouard’s lovable, spunky Bungsu is a special delight, but the whole cast is outstanding, achieving acting magic even while wearing masks (an Odyssey regular feature). While the masks add to the fairytale enchantment, they prevent the actors from relying on full facial expressions. Not an easy task, but they pull it off without exception.”
Jennifer Hartley, Ottawa XPress

“…the play is[…]alive with magic and fun. In typical Odyssey fashion, ornate costumes, music and a commedia dell’arte flair give the show vibrant life.”
—Kim Mannix Vermette, Metro

“The stage is greatly enlivened by Alix Sideris, an Odyssey regular, as the Monkey Goddess. Sideris keeps the audience in stitches with her hilarious performance of a goddess trapped inside a monkey’s body.”
—Paul Gessell, The Ottawa Citizen

Nominations: Capital Critics Circle Awards for Best Actor Alix Sideris

Dramaturge Laurie Steven
Set Designer Katka Hubacek
Costume Designer Stephanie Carter
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Sound Design Luc Martin
Lighting Design Lynn Cox
Stage Manager Tina Goralski
Cast Alix Sideris, Beverley Wolfe, Jesse Aaron Dwyre, Michelle Girouard, Terry Judd, Claire Frances Muir, David Shelley


By Molière
Translated and adapted by Joanne Miller and Laurie Steven
Directed by Laurie Steven

An original contemporary adaptation of this comic tale of the machinations of a rogue.

“Scapin takes the best of both French farce and Italian Commedia and rolls it into a riotous satire of contemporary mores and politics. The effect is breathtaking[…]5 stars!”
—Denis Armstrong, Ottawa Sun

“It’s very smart, it’s energetic, it’s entertaining[…]the performances are impressive[…]Laurie Steven’s direction, it’s sure footed and it’s imaginative and the result is really a marvellous evening of theatre.”
—Tom McSorley, CBC Radio

“A post-modern urban Commedia dealing with contemporary issues: illegal immigration, drugs, gangs, assassins[…]a non-stop whirlwind of breathless energy[…]excellent performances[…]you’ve got to go and see it.”
—Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio

“Joy is evident in every facet of Odyssey’s Scapin”
—Bruce Deachman, Ottawa Citizen

Set Designer Louise Lapointe
Costume Designer Pascale Matheron
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Fight Choreographer Mark Huisman
Movement Coach Pierre-Paul Savoie
Composer & Music Director John Armstrong
Lighting Designer Ron Ward
Stage Manager Heather Landon
Cast Jesse Buck, Alix Sideris, Kurt Spenrath, Sarah Joy Bennett, Mark Huisman, Kevin Kincaid, Dykan Jukes, Thea Nikolic, Adrienne Rogers, Fraser Mackay, Cynthia Bernstein

The Wedding

Adapted and directed by Laurie Steven

Adapted from an Indonesian shadow puppet play translated by James R. Brandon, Pandam Guritno Siswoharsojo, and Stephen R. Alkire.

“[The Wedding‘s] transposition on a stage with human actors worked magnificently, thanks mainly to director Laurie Steven. Very clearly, she has reached the pinnacle of her art[…]Laurie has done something extraordinary by creating a hybrid corporeal performance. She has fused commedia techniques with the gestures and movements of the Indonesian shadow puppets and the result is a fascinating style of movement, which fuses the vulgar commedia with the delicate hand gestures and ways of walking and talking of those lacy refined puppet creatures. The Wedding is a must!”
—Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio One

The Wedding [is] a production that combines elements of Commedia dell’Arte, Indonesian shadow puppetry and even a little martial arts into an original theatrical experience that goes from the ridiculous to the sublime[…]Rated 5 stars out of 5.”
—Denis Armstrong, The Ottawa Sun


Capital Theatre Critics Award for Best Director – Laurie Steven

Set & Costume Designer Art Penson
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Choreographer Peter Chin

Fight Choreographer Mark Huisman
Composer & Music Director John Armstrong
Musical Collaborator & Musician Robert Graves
Lighting Designer Rebecca Miller
Prop Design & Construction Almut Ellinghaus

Stage Manager Heather Landon
Cast Alix Sideris, Pierre Simpson, Scott Maudsley, Marc Bendavid, Nathalie Baroud, Terry Judd, David Langlois, Mark Huisman, Craig Burnatowski

The Illusion

By Tony Kushner
Adapted from Pierre Corneille’s L’Illusion Comique
Directed by Diana Fajrajsl

A complex exploration of the intersections between illusion and reality, and life and theatre.

“…one of the most innovative, invigorating and consistently intelligent theatre companies in Canada[…]Odyssey has[…]delivered something approaching a masterpiece[…]Art Penson’s set is a wonder, something straight out of a late period Fellini film[…]startling, wild combinations [in design] animate the themes of this sparkling, literate text and the performers even more so[…there is] a wondrous alchemy of light and shade in this masterful production…”
—Tom McSorley, CBC Radio 1

…the performance was utterly stylish, perfectly coherent and an enormous pleasure to watch[…]the illusion we were watching was perfect!”
—Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio 1

Assistant Director Catherine Edwards
Set & Costume Designer Art Penson
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd

Composer & Music Director John Armstrong

Fight Choreographer Mark Huisman
Lighting Designer Rebecca Miller

Stage Manager Lara Goldenberg
 Jeffrey Aarles, Alix Sideris, Anand Rajaram, Nicky Brodie, Mark Huisman, Michelle Girouard, Attila Clemann, William Beddoe

False Confessions

By Marivaux
Translated and adapted by Joanne Miller and Laurie Steven
Directed by Laurie Steven

An original version of Marivaux’s penetrating exploration of love and the art of seduction.

Set, Costume, & Prop Design Art Penson
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Baroque Choreography & Movement Coach Marie-Nathalie Lacoursière
Composer & Musician John Armstrong
Lighting Design Ron Ward
Stage Manager Stéfanie Séguin
Cast Guislain Turcotte, Paul Griffin, Andrew Morphew, Jordan Hancey, Amy Cunningham, Birgitte Solem, Kim Renders, William Beddoe, Mary Shearman, Nathan Swartz, Allison Patterson.

The Raven

By Carlo Gozzi
Translated and adapted by Lib Spry and Laurie Steven
Directed by Laurie Steven

“The production is lively and enjoyable[…]Laurie Steven’s direction is simple and subtle, and the cast is terrific[…]Times have changed, but Odyssey has endured, developing into one of the most exciting and imaginative theatre companies anywhere.”
—Tom McSorley,
CBC Radio 1

The Raven is a very syncretic performance. The adaptation has captured [the] shifts in theatrical style and levels of language. It unfolds on Art Penson’s very sophisticated set which opens to create imaginary spaces for Louise Lapointe’s exquisite fairy tale puppet creatures.”
—Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio 1

“The production is smooth, visually stunning and hugely entertaining. This production is a visual feast.”
—Barbara Crook, Ottawa Citizen


Capital Critics Circle Award for Best Design – Art Penson


Capital Critics Circle Award – Alix Sideris

Set, Costume & Prop Designer Art Penson
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Puppet Design & Construction Louise Lapointe
Choreography Robin Patterson

Composer & Music Director John Armstrong
Lighting Designer Ron Ward
Stage Manager Stéfanie Séguin
Cast Alix Sideris, Paul Griffin, Brendan McClarty, Kyle Horton, Nathalie Baroud, Brendan McClarty, Andrew Morphew, Jordan Hancey, David Marta, Mary Shearman, Cassandra Silver, Lawren Taylor


By Laurie Steven
Based on a scenario by Laurie Steven and material created collaboratively by the ensemble
Directed by Laurie Steven

An original romance inspired by an Indian folktale about the war between two sisters to divide a kingdom. Staged integrating elements of Indian Kathakali.

“The elaborate multi-faceted set design is a delight, the percussive musical accompaniment is expertly performed and well-conceived, and the costumes and masks, as is usually the case at Odyssey, are spectacular. Laurie Steven’s direction is supple and imaginative, as she keeps this restless fictional world in marvelous motion[…]Odyssey has delivered another magic evening of theatre. We are lucky to have such an imaginative and intelligent theatre company here in our city.”
—Tom McSorley,
CBC Radio 1

“The spell cast by Kamalay is in the spectacle of Karen Rodd’s masks, Art Penson’s versatile set design, Ron Ward’s lighting and Anne-Marie Gaston’s choreography. Not to mention the music; it is all enhanced by Dan Sauvé’s performance. The formula of many seasons continues to work its charm under Steven’s assured direction.”
—Iris Winston,
Ottawa Citizen

Dramaturges Chet Rajani
, Lib Spry
Set & Costume Designer Art Penson
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Choreographer Anne-Marie Gaston (Anjali)
Composer & Music Director John Armstrong
Musical Collaborator & Musician Dan Sauvé
Lighting Designer Ron Ward

Prop Design & Construction Isaiah King
Stage Manager Erin Oke
 Jesse Buck, Beverley Wolfe, Jeffrey Aarles, Andrew Morphew, Robert Ross Parker, Susan Bonham, Sarah Chrétien-Melbourne, Lincoln Shand, Lisa Norton, Sarah Joy Bennet, Lindsay Milligan, Allison Patterson, Alistair Cheng, Matt Nemer, Andrew Watson

The Miser (1996)


By Molière
Translated and adapted by Lib Spry and Laurie Steven
Directed by Laurie Steven

“…a 20th century, post-modern, Commedia dell’Arte, punk rap performance, with an added bit of Brechtian political theatre[…]a madcap orchestration of rhythmic movements, leaps, hand gestures, facial manipulations, comic effects, set of by banging, snapping of percussions and multiple electronic sounds[…]this is the world of the body gone wild, of raw, vulgar humour and they do it well.”
Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio

“…a highly entertaining broad comedy[…]a life-sized Punch and Judy show — as this stylized, precisely timed, physical comedy bubbles into life[…]a show rich in visual and aural appeal. Each exaggerated gesture and facial expression, every flick of a cloak or removal of a piece of furniture is part of a harmonious whole…”
—Iris Winston,
The Ottawa Citizen
Set, Costumes, & Prop Designer Art Penson
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Movement Coach & Choreography Valerie Dean
Composer & Music Director Paul Vaillancourt
Lighting Designer Ron Ward

Musician & Musical Collaborator Dan Sauvé
Stage Manager Erin Oke
 Robert Ross Parker, Jeffrey Aarles, Paul Griffin, Tanya Popert, Mark Whitbread, Stephen Guy-McGrath, Paulette Sinclair, Andrew Morphew, Susan Bonham


By Jean Giraudoux
Translated and adapted by Joanne Miller and Laurie Steven
Directed by Laurie Steven

“Odyssey’s journey into German myth via Giraudoux melts the boundaries between drama, music, dance and visual art[…]the overwhelming impression is of a multi-dimensional richness.”
Iris Winston, Ottawa Citizen

“Once again, director Laurie Steven uses the fantastic in the service of reality[…]a unique blend of Commedia dell’Arte, dance and spectacle[…]Odyssey has gelled into something special[…]Ondine is a fun, thought-provoking time which appeals to all of the senses.”
S. Mistal Baker, Ottawa X-Press

“It’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful[…]go and see Ondine, it’s a wonderful experience.”
Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio

“Odyssey is equally dynamic in its experimentation and explorations of theatrical forms and space [as Robert Lepage…] fast-paced action, dozens of[…]idiosyncratic characters, spectacularly colourful masks and costumes and a live soundtrack[…]Ondine is a poetic, provocative production and a great night at the theatre.”
Tom McSorley, CBC Radio

Set Designer Art Penson
Costume Designer Teresa Przybylski
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Choreographer Xing Bang Fu

Music Composed & Performed by Paul Vaillancourt
Musical Accompaniment Andrée Martin
Lighting Designer Ron Ward
Stage Manager Judi Pearl
Cast Pierre Brault, Paulette Sinclair, Jeffrey Aarles, Bernard Arène, Laura Di Cicco, Mark Whitbread, Mireille Rancourt,  Susan Bonham, Robert Ross Parker, Cheron Martin, Sarah Bennett, Katie Layng, Zachary Smith, Craig Desson


By Laurie Steven and Lib Spry
Based on a scenario by Laurie Steven and material created collaboratively by the ensemble
Directed by Laurie Steven

“Magical! That is the only word that adequately describes the visual and aural richness of Turandot[…a] fascinating blend of the traditions of Commedia dell’Arte and Chinese opera[…]employs flowing robes, pennants and gongs in the Chinese style, and comic characters drawn from both. The result is stunningly effective[…]this fast-paced and beautifully choreographed production of Turandot is a theatrical experience that touches all the senses. This is the type of show that underlines theatre as a major art form.”
Iris Winston, The Ottawa Citizen

“…a marvellous, incredible production by Odyssey Theatre[…]a witty, wise, and thoroughly entertaining play. Events like these are exciting as they are rare — a new play given a tour de force production. There are powerful ideas at work here — the most powerful of which concerns the relationship between the sexes. [Director Laurie Steven] has created a wonderful world using all the resources she could muster.”
Chris Baker, Ottawa X-Press

“Sumptuous![…]the dancing, prancing entrances, the robes and ribbons flying, the gongs pounding, the circular movement, the sweeping hand gestures, the choreography with all the weapons, the many pitched voices[…]I don’t think there is another company in Canada doing the kind of work Laurie Steven does and it gets better each year.”
Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio

Dramaturge Liang Tee Tue
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Costume Designer Teresa Przybylski
Set Designer Barry Padolsky
Choreographer Xing Bang Fu
Music Composer & Performer Paul Vaillancourt
Lighting Designer Ron Ward
Stage Manager Sarah Gale
Cast Diana Fajrajsl, Laura DiCicco, Kathleen Egan, Tim Kohout, Henry Gauthier, Mark Whitbread, Mike Brunet, Bruce Spinney, Sarah Muff, Robin Black, Devon Taylor

Don Juan

By Molière
Translated by Joanne Miller and Laurie Steven
Directed by Laurie Steven

“A manic roller coaster of laughs and melodrama. Molière’s depth has been added to the mile-a-minute pacing of Commedia resulting in a fast paced, entertaining show with a dash of melodrama and tragedy thrown in for good measure[…]the direction is inspired (the chorus of clownish bouffons and Sganarelle’s supper are truly marvellous).”
Chris Baker, Ottawa XPress

“…this adaptation has added action, mimicry and noises, shrieking, playful encounters and visual games, and of course, the masks[…]there was some very, very, good staging[…]it’s a very entertaining show.”
Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio

Costume & Set Designer Teresa Przybylski
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Bouffon & Movement Coach Fiona Griffiths
Fight Choreographer John Koensgen

Composer & Music Director Timothy Kohout
Lighting Designer Scott McTavish
Stage Manager Sarah Gale Berger

Cast Diana Fajrajsl, Steven Bush, Ross Mullan, Timothy Kohout, Bernard Arène, Bernadette Hendrickx, Mark Whitbread, Andrew Peck, T.L. Stewart, Yurij Kis, Virginia West