The Miser (1997)

By Molière
Translated and adapted by Lib Spry and Laurie Steven
Directed by Laurie Steven

“…a 20th century, post-modern, Commedia dell’Arte, punk rap performance, with an added bit of Brechtian political theatre[…]a madcap orchestration of rhythmic movements, leaps, hand gestures, facial manipulations, comic effects, set of by banging, snapping of percussions and multiple electronic sounds[…]this is the world of the body gone wild, of raw, vulgar humour and they do it well.”
Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio

“…a highly entertaining broad comedy[…]a life-sized Punch and Judy show — as this stylized, precisely timed, physical comedy bubbles into life[…]a show rich in visual and aural appeal. Each exaggerated gesture and facial expression, every flick of a cloak or removal of a piece of furniture is part of a harmonious whole…”
—Iris Winston,
The Ottawa Citizen
Set, Costumes, & Prop Designer Art Penson
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Movement Coach & Choreography Valerie Dean
Composer & Music Director Paul Vaillancourt
Lighting Designer Ron Ward

Musician & Musical Collaborator Dan Sauvé
Stage Manager Erin Oke
 Robert Ross Parker, Jeffrey Aarles, Paul Griffin, Tanya Popert, Mark Whitbread, Stephen Guy-McGrath, Paulette Sinclair, Andrew Morphew, Susan Bonham