Work With Odyssey

Odyssey Theatre has a tradition of offering employment to theatre professionals across Canada and beyond. We are proud to have created a vibrant and diverse network of artists that spans the globe. Our future lies in growing this community in support of our mission of continuing and expanding upon the tradition of Commedia dell’Arte. Click through the links below if you would like to be involved in this mission.



Theatre Designer

Marketing and Communications Officer

Public Relations/Outreach Assistant

Theatre Production Assistant

Theatre Technician





Odyssey has signed the National Code of Conduct for the Performing Arts and approved a new anti-harassment Policy. The Theatre stands firmly against all forms of workplace harassment and is taking measures to ensure that inappropriate conduct in the workplace will not be tolerated. Odyssey Theatre’s new Policy provides clear expectations for acceptable behaviour and outlines a well-defined process to address complaints, including third-party review where warranted.

Odyssey strives to create an inclusive, equitable, and respectful working environment. We encourage submissions from persons of all races; cultural backgrounds; abilities; gender identities or expressions; religions; and sexual orientations.