Odyssey Scripts

Odyssey is launching a program to share the original scripts and translations from our stage with new audiences. If you are interested in producing or reading one of our scripts, please contact us!





Full-Length Play / Comedy / 9-14 Actors

By Molière

Translated and adapted by Lib Spry and Laurie Steven



Spry and Steven’s new translation and contemporary adaptation of Molière’s hilarious and cutting satire exposes the greed rampant today. Harpagon (the quintessential Scrooge) is the head of a meatpacking company who is driven to absurd lengths to get his hands on a lucrative food preservative. He is pitted against his children, a would-be filmmaker and painter, whose happiness he is willing to sacrifice to increase his profits. 



“[T]he show is a delight. The clever wordplay and non-stop action are wildly entertaining.”

– Apt613 

“[A] post-modern, Commedia dell’Arte, punk rap performance, with an added bit of Brechtian political theatre.” 

– CBC Radio 

“[A] highly entertaining broad comedy…this stylized, precisely timed, physical comedy bubbles into life…a show rich in visual and aural appeal.”

– The Ottawa Citizen



Approximate run time: 90 minutes