The Feathered Ogre

Playwright: Daniel Peretti
Director & Dramaturge: Laurie Steven
Dramaturge: Janet Irwin
Part of The Other Path

Following a strange dream, Lucy sets off to find her best friend Anna who has disappeared. Her quest takes her on a forbidden journey across the River to the east side of Orco, where people shun modernity for a meadiveal life, but live in fear of a tyrannical Ogre. Can Lucy’s indomitable spirit help her discover the fate of her friend and bring the divided town together? A contemporary adaptation of Calvino’s Italian folktale, The Feathered Ogre explores the tension between tradition and modernity and how to heal what divides us.


Daniel Peretti





Daniel Peretti is a writer and professor in the Folklore Department at Memorial University of Newfoundland. As a writer, he has an interest in contemporary fantasy, science fiction, and mysteries. His previous works include the feature film Own Worst Enemy (2012, directed by Michael Judd and Jessica Judd). His academic research ranges from ancient mythology to modern day legends, festivals and holidays. His publications range from Superman in Myth and Folklore (2017) to articles on rock climbing walls, Halloween decorations, and Lex Luthor’s inferiority complex. His current work, combining interviews, archival, and library research, focuses on the way parents, commercial enterprises, and various municipal authorities conspire to perpetuate belief in Santa Claus.