The Belt and the Necklace

4Playwright: C. S. MacCath
Director & Dramaturge: Laurie Steven
Dramaturge: Janet Irwin
Part of The Other Path

The Belt and the Necklace follows Barbara who is mercilessly ridiculed for her appearance. After being cut out as heiress to her family’s fashion empire, she strikes a bargain with the child-snatching Merfolk. With her appearance changed, Barbara’s life becomes all she wanted and more, but in a world where looks are currency, will the price be too steep to pay? This haunting and fantastical dramedy adapted from a recently discovered 19th century Bavarian folktale, explores fashion’s fixation on beauty and our exploitation of nature.

Here is a sneak peek at the fantastical dramaedy that is, The Belt and the Necklace: 


C.S. MacCath





Ceallaigh S. MacCath-Moran (C.S. MacCath) is a PhD candidate in Folklore at Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a writer of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Her long-running Folklore & Fiction newsletter, now a podcast and written dispatch, integrates these passions with a focus on folklore scholarship targeted at storytellers. Ceallaigh’s research interests include animal rights activism as a public performance of ethical belief, and she brings a deep appreciation of folk narrative, ecology, and Neo-Pagan spirituality to her writing. Work from her two fiction and poetry collections has been shortlisted for the Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award, and nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Rhysling Award. She lives in Atlantic Canada.