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Are you aged 15-19 with a passion for the arts? Do you have a love for the stage? Considering a career in professional theatre? Odyssey’s Youth Apprenticeship Program provides a creative outlet to grow and expand your artistic interests.

We’ve adapted our highly successful Youth Theatre Apprenticeship Program — the only one of its kind in Ontario – to an all digital format!     Join us for this unique and fun experience.

Aspiring artists learn all aspects of theatre by working as a team with workshop leaders to develop a virtual production of a Commedia play. Through live, interactive workshops with professional artists, participants explore acting, design, writing and directing. The program finishes with a presentation of scenes, monologues and improvised pieces inspired by the play, attended online by the friends and family of apprentices. The program also offers opportunities to develop a network of  theatre professionals.  The program run from July 30 to August 26, 2020 and is FREE to youth aged 15-19.  


Joining the program is easy! Fill out and submit an application form form in by June 19th . In July, you will be invited to an interview/audition. 

We offer hands-on experience from workshops in mask work, acting, and technical, to a career development seminar. Odyssey’s theatre professionals—actors, designers, writers, and directors—act as mentors throughout the program.

For Odyssey’s new online program, you will learn about what it takes to create professional  theatre from a variety of theatre artists. You’ll receive training and do exercises in acting, design, writing and directing. You will be mentored by, and develop a network of local theatre artists. Activities will be based around The Servant of Two Masters, a great Commedia dell’Arte comedy by Carlo Goldoni. You will explore the script, create a performance piece inspired by the play and undertake creative projects in different areas of theatre.


All apprentices participate in free theatre workshops given by professional artists. Over the course of twelve sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask artists about education, career paths and what it is like to work in professional theatre.

The workshops will include:

ACTING & PERFORMANCE WORKSHOPS: Learn improvisation, play with props, play with camera and Commedia techniques.

DIRECTING: A notable local director will lead a session on play directing and share first hand directing insights.

DESIGN WORKSHOPS: An introduction to all the areas of design. Learn specific skills in costume and set building.

PLAY WRITING: You’ll learn play writing at its finest, how to adaption classical works, and translate the written word to the stage.

COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE: You will get an introduction to Commedia dell’Arte a mask and movement-based theatre style while exploring The Servant of Two Masters, classic monologues and the beloved stock characters of the form.


At the end of the workshops, you will present a performance piece inspired by the play with scenes, monologues and improvised pieces you will have created. This will be presented on a private YouTube live stream for invited friends and family.


Hear What Our Previous Apprentices Have to Say About the Program!

“The most interesting thing was that some actors started out doing exactly what I was doing and that there are always opportunities for auditions, workshops and volunteering with theatres. It’s all about finding out when and where. And that there is no shame in calling up places and asking questions.” 

“The acting workshop was a big highlight. We had so much fun together. Learning mask work, Commedia characters, stage combat and clown really boost our confidence. Per

forming in front of the company at the end of the workshop was a great experience.”

“This workshop opened my eyes to what stage management really is and how hard the profession is, yet how exciting and fun it can be at the same time. The workshop was informative, exciting and fun, with tons of advice, hands on activities and chances to ask questions.”

“This experience has shown me an insider’s look at an actor’s life, a stage manager’s life, and a theatre technician’s life, all of which I have gained skills that will help me pursue a career in acting.”

“My favourite part of the apprenticeship has been the connection I have made and I love coming here everyday.”

“Everyone at Odyssey treated the apprentices with such respect and gratitude. I always knew I was welcome and I never felt as if my work was under appreciated.”



The program will  be 12 sessions and will run for 5 weeks from July 30 to August 26, 2020. These sessions will be from 9 am to 12 pm, three times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday).

Session 1 : Thursday, July 30, 2020 — Intro to Commedia dell’Arte, to characters, monologues, the program and each other.

Session 2 : Tuesday Aug 4, 2020 —  First read of the play as a group

Session 3 : Wednesday Aug 5, 2020 — Coaching in commedia scenes and monologues by professional actors

Session 4 : Thursday Aug 6, 2020 — Coaching in scenes and monologues by professional actors  —all participants — as above

Session 5 : Tuesday Aug 11, 2020 — Coaching in scenes and monologues by professional actors  —all participants — as above

Session 6 : Wednesday Aug 12, 2020 — Directing Workshop

Session 7 : Thursday Aug 13, 2020 — Writing Workshop

Session 8 : Tuesday Aug 18, 2020 — Set Design Workshop

Session 9 : Wednesday 19, 2020 — Costume Design Workshop

Session 10 : Thursday Aug 20, 2020 — Creation of Presentation, work on creative projects 

Session 11 : Tuesday Aug 25, 2020 — Creation of Presentation, work on creative projects & the first run of the presentation

Session 12 : Wednesday Aug 26, 2020 — Dress rehearsal, followed by online presentation for family, friends, artists associated with the project


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