“If you value creativity, innovation, and practice to perfection combined with competent management, you need look no further than Odyssey Theatre.” 

-Stuart Conger

Cultivating Creativity
The Stuart Conger Endowment Fund was established in 2014 to honour one of Odyssey Theatre’s greatest supporters, Stuart Conger. The goal for the Fund is to provide financial stability, help the theatre meet long-term plans, and protect the theatre in years of reduced revenues. It allows us to grow artistically and expand our organizational capacity.

Managed by the Ontario Arts Foundation, the Fund will be an important source of revenue that supports our ground-breaking projects that are critical to our development but lay outside of our regular operating costs.

Influencing Innovation
By contributing to the Fund, you will support endeavours that directly influence the art form, impact the community, and preserve Odyssey’s legacy. Projects include:

  • Outreach initiatives
  • Touring
  • New Play Development
  • Internships and apprenticeships for youth
  • Facility development
  • Conserving Odyssey’s artistic assets including masks, scripts and costumes

Prompting Perfection
Make a lasting impact on Odyssey Theatre ensuring it is enjoyed by you and generations to come. We will pursue government programs that match funding in order to make your donation go twice as far. Please give generously.

To make a donation:

Please visit Canada Helps and select The Stuart Conger Endowment Fund. You can also donate in other forms by reaching us at our office:

Odyssey Theatre, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6E2

Donations to the Fund will be recognized through our Donors Benefits Packages.

Donations to the Fund of $1000 or more will also be recognized through:

  • Your name permanently on our “Shining Stars” plaque posted every summer season at Strathcona Park
  • Your name in our season program for five seasons

About Stuart Conger:

Stuart Conger

Stuart Conger was a passionate and cherished supporter and a former Board of Directors member of Odyssey Theatre. He possessed a great appreciation for the arts and was a dedicated patron of both Odyssey and the arts community in Ottawa. He honoured Odyssey for years, through generous donations. He always recognized the importance of a strong artistic vision supported by sound management to enable artists to create. Stuart supported a variety of projects, both personally and through the Joyce Conger Fund for the Arts, including: new play development, launching our website, expanding marketing and creating awareness of Odyssey and its programs.

Stuart joined Odyssey’s Board of Directors in 2005 and served as a member for two years. He participated in the development of Odyssey’s long-term strategy, created a plan for the expansion of Odyssey’s Board, and provided a wealth of ideas to help the company expand marketing initiatives and raise its public profile.

To honour his legacy, Odyssey Theatre has established The Stuart Conger Endowment Fund with Stuart’s final gift to the theatre before his passing in November 2013.