Are you interested in theatre and the arts?  Are you looking for an enjoyable and rewarding way to apply and develop your skills in a new setting, while helping to grow Ottawa’s premier open-air theatre company?

Consider volunteering with our Special Events Team and you will plan and stage creative and fun events that help raise much needed funds for Odyssey Theatre’s annual open-air productions and community programs. A great way to put your ideas and creativity to use in a new and exciting way!

Marketing Strategist  Do you have experience developing branding and marketing strategies?  Are you looking for a new way to put your creativity and ideas to work while contributing to the arts in Ottawa?   In this role you will help develop innovative and creative strategies to brand and promote our special fund raising events. 

Community Partnerships Builder  Do you have an interest in working with local businesses and organizations in our community?  Do you like making new contacts in the community?  In this role, you will help reach out to local businesses and community groups to secure donations, prizes, advertising and other items needed to make our events a success and come up with ways to recognize their support. For example, you can come up with creative ideas for prize packages as part of our annual auction. 

Special Events Writer – Do you enjoy writing but are looking for a new way to apply your excellent writing skills?  As part of our Special Events Team you will help create compelling and exciting materials (such as press releases, web and social media content, flyers, letters, stories, etc.) to promote our special events like our mask making workshop or annual auction.

Event Communications    If you have experience in promotion, communications or media, we would love to have you join us to help promote ticket sales and awareness of our special events.  You will help design and create  compelling materials (print and online), deal with media, create graphics, liaise with donors and participants, create cross-promotions with other groups, and find new ways to get the word out about our special events.  If you are a good communicator, we want to hear from you!

Social Media Specialist  If you love social media, can you help us promote our special events across all our social media platforms?  You will develop our social media plan and calendar, create content, use analytics to target our message and promote direct engagement with the community in our Special Events.

Online Technical Expert  Are you looking to be on the technological side of Odyssey Theatre?   As we move many of our activities online, you can help us stage our Special Events virtually.  If you are good with technology, you can help run our events online, such as mask making events using Zoom, putting our annual auction online and more.

Join Odyssey Theatre – a theatre like no other!


As a member of our Special Events Group, you will join a dynamic and diverse team of volunteers from the community with a passion to help the arts in Ottawa thrive.  You will be able to learn and refine your skills in planning and hosting special events, social media, fund raising and marketing and communications from other volunteers and staff.

You will expand your knowledge of theatre and your interest in the performing arts. You will have the opportunity to attend performances, rehearsals, workshops of new plays and other events and to interact with professional theatre artists. You will meet new people as part of a committed team working in a positive environment to assist local artists. Most of all, you will be helping grow the arts in our city and make Ottawa a more vibrant and dynamic city.


Volunteers are critical to Odyssey’s success. As a non-profit, charitable organization, we depend on help from the community to produce top quality theatre. Our volunteers augment our capacity and provide valuable skills and expertise to the Artistic Director, General Manager and Board of Directors. Volunteers help the Theatre undertake projects and activities that we would be unable to complete on our own. Volunteers help build community support and public awareness of our work and raise the resources needed to create and perform excellent theatre for the residents of Ottawa.

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