Don Juan

By Molière
Translated by Joanne Miller and Laurie Steven
Directed by Laurie Steven

“A manic roller coaster of laughs and melodrama. Molière’s depth has been added to the mile-a-minute pacing of Commedia resulting in a fast paced, entertaining show with a dash of melodrama and tragedy thrown in for good measure[…]the direction is inspired (the chorus of clownish bouffons and Sganarelle’s supper are truly marvellous).”
Chris Baker, Ottawa XPress

“…this adaptation has added action, mimicry and noises, shrieking, playful encounters and visual games, and of course, the masks[…]there was some very, very, good staging[…]it’s a very entertaining show.”
Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio

Costume & Set Designer Teresa Przybylski
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Bouffon & Movement Coach Fiona Griffiths
Fight Choreographer John Koensgen

Composer & Music Director Timothy Kohout
Lighting Designer Scott McTavish
Stage Manager Sarah Gale Berger

Cast Diana Fajrajsl, Steven Bush, Ross Mullan, Timothy Kohout, Bernard Arène, Bernadette Hendrickx, Mark Whitbread, Andrew Peck, T.L. Stewart, Yurij Kis, Virginia West