A Guy Named Joe

Written and directed by Laurie Steven

An original contemporary social satire, and Odyssey’s first indoor production co-produced with Gladstone Theatre.

“The storyline develops in a most unexpected and very amusing way. People who can’t pay their rent, poor people harassed by the police, victims of civil injustice, corrupt capitalism ­and that’s exactly what Laurie Steven’s vision is here[…]she’s created a multitude of exciting stage figures to tell her story[…]Pierre-Paul Savoie’s choreography, linked to Laurie Steven’s staging, created the most exciting moments. [The cast] worked like a perfect acrobatic team[…]they do almost like a dance with words. Everything works together beautifully.”
Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio

“[A Guy Named Joe is a] resonant comedy…written and directed with a highly focused vision by the company’s artistic director. The masks and stylized movement of Commedia, heightened by Davidson’s lighting, underscore these powerful tensions between Joe’s interior and exterior action, just as they do in other characters.”
—Patrick Langston, The Ottawa Citizen


Prix Rideau Award for Outstanding Costume Design – Jennifer Triemstra, Karen Rodd

Assistant Dramaturge Laurie Fyffe
Set & Lighting Designer Glenn Davidson
Costume Designer Jennifer Triemstra
Design & Construction of Masks, Puppets,
Puppet Costumes, & Special Effects
 Karen Rodd

Choreographer Pierre-Paul Savoie
Fight Choreographer Mark Huisman
Composer & Musical Director John Armstrong
Stage Manager Wendy Rockburn
Cast Nicholas Di Gaetano, Scott McCulloch, Cory Doran, Scott Florence, Mark Huisman, Alex Guard, Thea Nikolic