A Curious Mishap

By Carlo Goldoni
Directed by Paul Griffin

Even the best laid plans are thwarted. A whirlwind of comic misunderstandings of P.G. Wodehousian proportions!

“Andy Massingham, as the father, Philibert, and Sideris as his daughter, Giannina, seem at home here. They give excellent physical performances that range from frantic to nuanced. Thea Nikolic does solid work as the servant Marianna, who is never shy about pressing her own agenda[…]Thanks to the 1920s setting and the design work of Art Penson, A Curious Mishap looks splendid. The flapper-style dresses, Philibert’s rich brocade smoking jacket and Cotterie’s golf togs are fancifully elegant. The pretty set is a model of economy, with two doors and three swinging panels to accommodate the action.”
–Catherine Lawson, Ottawa Citizen

“It is not just Griffin who should be lauded for the success of the show, but his cast as well, who tap into the world of clowning to draw out zany characters. Andy Massingham’s interpretation of a wealthy, stubborn (but soft-hearted) father is perfect.”
–Kat Fournier, Ottawa XPress

Set & Costume Designer Art Penson
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Lighting Designer Lynn Cox
Stage Manager Samira Rose
Cast Alix Sideris, Andy Massingham, Scott Florence, Madeleine Donohue, Dylan Anthony Jukes, Thea Nikolic