By Laurie Steven and Lib Spry
Based on a scenario by Laurie Steven and material created collaboratively by the ensemble
Directed by Laurie Steven

“Magical! That is the only word that adequately describes the visual and aural richness of Turandot[…a] fascinating blend of the traditions of Commedia dell’Arte and Chinese opera[…]employs flowing robes, pennants and gongs in the Chinese style, and comic characters drawn from both. The result is stunningly effective[…]this fast-paced and beautifully choreographed production of Turandot is a theatrical experience that touches all the senses. This is the type of show that underlines theatre as a major art form.”
Iris Winston, The Ottawa Citizen

“…a marvellous, incredible production by Odyssey Theatre[…]a witty, wise, and thoroughly entertaining play. Events like these are exciting as they are rare — a new play given a tour de force production. There are powerful ideas at work here — the most powerful of which concerns the relationship between the sexes. [Director Laurie Steven] has created a wonderful world using all the resources she could muster.”
Chris Baker, Ottawa X-Press

“Sumptuous![…]the dancing, prancing entrances, the robes and ribbons flying, the gongs pounding, the circular movement, the sweeping hand gestures, the choreography with all the weapons, the many pitched voices[…]I don’t think there is another company in Canada doing the kind of work Laurie Steven does and it gets better each year.”
Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio

Dramaturge Liang Tee Tue
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Costume Designer Teresa Przybylski
Set Designer Barry Padolsky
Choreographer Xing Bang Fu
Music Composer & Performer Paul Vaillancourt
Lighting Designer Ron Ward
Stage Manager Sarah Gale
Cast Diana Fajrajsl, Laura DiCicco, Kathleen Egan, Tim Kohout, Henry Gauthier, Mark Whitbread, Mike Brunet, Bruce Spinney, Sarah Muff, Robin Black, Devon Taylor