Theatre Under the Stars Presents The Miser

(L to R): Kate Smith as The Detective, Marlow Stainfield as Jackie and Jesse Buck as Harpagon

Odyssey Theatre is excited to have returned with award-winning open-air theatre along the banks of the Rideau River in beautiful Strathcona Park!  Our 37th season took place from July 27th to August 20th, 2023, presenting you with Molière’s comedic masterpiece, The Miser


What Are The Critics Saying?

Apt613 called The Miser a “delight… wildly entertaining…” Read the complete article here.  

Capital Critics Circle called The Miser “an exceptionally good production…” Read the complete article here.



The Miser

Odyssey Theatre is thrilled to be returning to live performance for the first time since 2019 with a contemporary adaptation of Molière’s masterpiece The Miser. Performed on the banks of the Rideau River in beautiful Strathcona Park, The Miser is a biting satire about the pervasiveness of self-interest and greed. A tale on wheelers, dealers, lovers and dreamers as they pursue their own obsessions in love and riches; The Miser shows no amount of wealth can protect you from moral bankruptcy.


“My poor money, my dearest friend…” (Harpagon)

This crackling contemporary adaptation of Molière’s brilliant satire by Odyssey’s Artistic Director Laurie Steven and playwright Lib Spry, transports these characters to modern day Ottawa. Three-and-a-half centuries later, not a second of time has elapsed. Greed has not faded in today’s world of high corporate profits, unaffordable housing and strained food banks. Is Harpagon willing to sacrifice all– including his children and associates– in his relentless pursuit of wealth? With no cost too high and no deed too dirty, is the key to their happiness found in a freezer of dead pigs?character Lise holds up her fist, fingers facing towards her at chin level, angered and frustrated. Val tries to comfort her.

(L to R): Tracey Guptill as Lise and Jamar Adams-Thompson as Val

Under the direction of Andy Massingham, our talented ensemble cast, featuring Jesse Buck, Lise Cormier, Scott McCulloch, Tracey Guptill, Kate Smith, Marlow Stainfield, Jamar Adams-Thompson, and Landon Nesbitt will transport you to a world where the pursuit of wealth threatens to unravel even the strongest bonds. The stage comes alive with help from our creative design team, including: Vanessa Imeson (costume design); Steven Lafond (Music & Sound Design); Alana Malanga (Apprentice Stage Manager); Graham Price (Lighting Design); Clelia Scala (Mask Designer); Brian Smith (Set Designer).

(L to R): Jesse Buck as Harpagon & Marlow Stainfield as Jackie

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