The Miser

By Molière
Translated and adapted by Lib Spry and Laurie Steven
Directed by Laurie Steven

[expand title=”Read more”]“…a 20th century, post-modern, Commedia dell’Arte, punk rap performance, with an added bit of Brechtian political theatre… a madcap orchestration of rhythmic movements, leaps, hand gestures, facial manipulations, comic effects, set of by banging, snapping of percussions and multiple electronic sounds… this is the world of the body gone wild, of raw, vulgar humour and they do it well.”
Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio

“…a highly entertaining broad comedy… a life-sized Punch and Judy show — as this stylized, precisely timed, physical comedy bubbles into life… a show rich in visual and aural appeal. Each exaggerated gesture and facial expression, every flick of a cloak or removal of a piece of furniture is part of a harmonious whole…”
—Iris Winston,
The Ottawa Citizen
Set, Costumes, & Prop Designer Art Penson
Mask Design & Construction Karen Rodd
Movement Coach & Choreography Valerie Dean
Composer & Music Director Paul Vaillancourt
Lighting Designer Ron Ward
Musician & Musical Collaborator Dan Sauvé
Stage Manager Erin Oke
 Robert Ross Parker, Jeffrey Aarles, Paul Griffin, Tanya Popert, Mark Whitbread, Stephen Guy-McGrath, Paulette Sinclair, Andrew Morphew, Susan Bonham.[/expand]