Commedia! Web Series


Chandel Gambles, Jesse Buck, Lise Cormier

This exciting web series of five short plays introduces audiences to the art of Commedia dell’Arte through commentary, interviews, and performances of scenes and monologues drawn from Odyssey’s dynamic adaptations of classics and new creations.

Fast-paced, improvisational, and fresh, it will capture the roots of the art form and give joy and laughter as the plays deliver their satirical punch. These plays explore the characters, mask play, physical comedy, and social satire of Commedia, and its relevance today. We hope this series will engage our loyal audiences, and all of those theatre lovers who might be new to Odyssey. And, Commedia! will provide actors, artists, teachers, and writers with insight into ways of tackling characters and plays in this art form.

Five episodes will be partly filmed in studio and live-streamed along with a rich program of materials, scripts, guides and live Q&As with artists that will reach students, teachers, artists, and theatre enthusiasts across Canada.

Expected Release: TBA


William Beddoe

Andy Massingham, Anurag Choudhury