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Odyssey Theatre returns for its 34th season of Theatre Under the Stars with the world premiere of a new translation of The Bonds of Interest by Spanish playwright and Nobel Prize laureate Jacinto Benavente. The Bonds of Interest is a wickedly clever satire about self-interest, greed and corruption in a modern consumer-driven world.

The con is on when two penniless con artists arrive in a town of pretenders and concoct a devious scheme to get rich. The townspeople become wise to the machinations of the two crooks, but everyone is so tied up in their vested bonds of interest that no one can afford to blow the whistle.

A Vibrant New Translation

Widely considered his most famous work but rarely produced in North America, The Bonds of Interestis a modern Commedia dell’Arte masterpiece. Developed through Odyssey’s New Play Creation program with workshops in both Canada and the U.K., this summer’s vibrant new translation and adaptation is a collaborative work by Artistic Director Laurie Steven and Catherine Boyle of Out of the Wings. Associated with King’s College London, Queen’s University Belfast and Oxford University, this prestigious UK organization is dedicated to bringing the untapped riches of Spanish theatre to English-speaking audiences worldwide.

A Talented Team of Artists

Award-winning director and playwright Laurie Steven will be directing a talented cast of Odyssey veterans and newcomers from Ottawa, Toronto and the UK. Leading the cast as Crispín, the master manipulator, is renowned Canadian-British actor and Odyssey veteran Ross Mullan, best known for his work on Game of Thrones. Returning to the Odyssey stage are William Beddoe, Maryse Fernandes, Scott Maudsley, Bruce Spinney and Scott McCulloch. They will be joined by the talents of Ottawa actors Erin Eldershaw and Mitch Rose and Toronto actors Soo Garay, Anurag Choudhury and Neta Rose.

Steven is working with an outstanding team of designers including local architect Barry Padolsky (Set Design), Vanessa Imeson (Costume Design), Graham Price (Lighting Design), Venessa Lachance (Sound Design), Clelia Scala (Mask Design) and Marie-Nathalie Lacoursière (Choreography). Together, they are working to create a mythic take on a contemporary world, inspired by graphic novels and hip-hop jazz-funk music to bring this masterpiece to life on our stage.

The Bonds of Interest runs from July 25-August 25, 2019 Tuesdays through Sundays at 8pm, with matinees on Sunday afternoons at 2pm. Interviews available upon request.