Theatre Under the Stars

From July 24 to August 24, 2014
Odyssey Theatre presents Joanne Miller’s The Financieran original adaptation of Alain-René Lesage’s sardonic 18th century play, Turcaret.

portrait-of-samuel-bernard-by-Hyacinthe-RigaudHave we got a treat for you!
Our Artistic Director, Laurie Steven, will direct the world premiere of Miller’s adaptation. Joined by an award-winning choreographer, Pierre-Paul Savoie, Laurie will create an innovative production that mixes baroque and contemporary styles of theatre.

This comedic fiasco is about Turcaret, a loan shark and a tax collector, whose sly dealings have come full circle on him. A menagerie of cash-hungry swindlers prey on each other, exposing slaves to passion, excess, and artifice. Only the most single-minded, the most cunning and the most charming will survive.

Don’t miss our vibrant combination of physicality, music, dance and luxurious masks that bring this spicy play to life.

Performances will take place in beautiful Strathcona Park on the banks of the Rideau River Tuesdays through Sundays at 8 pm!
Pay-What-You-Can Matinees are on Weekends at 3 pm.

Online ticket purchasing coming soon!


Our plays are noted for their imaginative use of masks, evocative physicality, innovative staging, and for the way they fuse varied art forms and cultures. Plays from the Theatre under the Stars series are performed every summer in Ottawa’s historic Strathcona Park, found on the banks of the Rideau River, just five minutes from the downtown core. This charming open-air venue provides a natural setting to spectators from across the national capital region and to tourists seeking a unique entertainment experience.


2013 summer show, Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw,
rave reviews:

“Shaw’s biting comedy about love, war and class… [with a] Commedia dell’ Arte twist. This production - funny, fast and furiously satiric – works.
The play and production blend skewering of foolishness, humanity and unexpected juxtaposition. Were Shaw to see the show, “he might be doing cartwheels 
in his grave”.”
 Patrick Langston, Ottawa Citizen

“Not a single element of this show is lacking or out of place…
The performances delivered by the actors are the icing on [director] Massingham’s cake.
.. [There is] a beautiful burst of energy that starts high from the first drumbeat and rises with no snags until the final clap.”

Ian Huffam, New Ottawa Critics

“[The show is] warm and filled with laughter. The actors do a superb job… simultaneously hilarious and surreal. Cullen Bird, Metro Ottawa

“Andy Massingham keeps the pace quick and merry in this wonderful show, filled with some seriously hilarious exchanges and great performance.” Kevin Reid, The Visitorium

“[The show] is directed and performed with precision but also with heart and soul.” Jim Murchison, The Charlebois Post – Canada

“Easily one of the strongest productions I’ve seen on Ottawa’s professional stages this year. A rock solid cast. Directorial vision… [is] superb. The production itself remains solid inside or out and is not one to be missed.” Brianna McFarlane, New Ottawa Critics

“All of the actors are fabulous. The whole show is fantastic. Be sure to… catch this one.” Jennifer Hartley, Ottawa Life Magazine