Auditions – The Miser



By Molière
Translation and adaptation by Laurie Steven and Lib Spry
Directed by Andy Massingham

Audition Dates: January 6-7, 2023
All Auditions online (Zoom) 10:00-4:00 PM

Contract Duration: 8 weeks (First Rehearsal: June 26, 2023 Show Run: Jul 27-Aug 20, 2023)
Location: Theatre Under the Stars Strathcona Park, Ottawa
Pay Rate: $835/week (Equity F-House)

Please email your cover letter, resume, and headshot to
Successful applicants must bring a hard copy to their audition.

Applications must be received by December 20, 2022.
We will contact successful candidates with audition appointments.

Preparation: One classical comedic monologue (length: up to 1 minute). Successful applicants will be asked to prepare a side from the play; sides will be available at in early January 2023.

Odyssey Theatre celebrates diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive, welcoming and respectful working environment. Applications from all qualified artists of diverse backgrounds are welcome. Mask and movement skills are an asset.
Odyssey operates under the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association ITA. Auditions are open to both Equity and non-Equity actors. Equity members will be given priority in scheduling.

For more information visit or call 613-232-8407


VAL – in love with Lise. An upstanding but poor young man who will do anything to convince Harpagon that he is suitable for Lise. (Side)
MR. SIMIAN – a money broker. Arranges a loan from Harpagon to Clay without either of them knowing the other is involved. (Side(Val and Mr. Simian are combined role). 

LISE – daughter of Harpagon and in love with Val. A very intelligent and passionate girl, quick to change her mind, and prone to alternating fits of pure delight and utter depression. (Side)

CLAY – son of Harpagon, in love with Marianne. A strong and bold young man. The only one willing to stand up to his father directly. (Side)

HARPAGON – the miser himself. The tyrannical father of Lise and Clay who cares more about money than his children. (Side 1, Side 2)

LAFLECHE – servant to Clay. A very clever man who is suspected of stealing from Harpagon, but gets revenge for the abuse he suffered. (Side)
ANSELM – a wealthy older man and suitor to Lise. Ultimately it is discovered that he is the father of Val and Marianne. (Side(Lafleche and Anselm are combined role).

FANNY – a woman of intrigue. She plays matchmaker for Harpagon and Marianne, but despite much flattering, fails to get a tip for her service. (Side)
DETECTIVE – assigned to investigate the case of Harpagon’s stolen hoard. (Side(Fanny and Detective are combined role).

JACKIE – cook and coachman to Harpagon. Must change hats as he jumps between his two jobs. (Side)

MARIANNE – in love with Clay. A lovely young girl who cares for her sick mother. Known for her tenderness and compassion, but very poor. (Side 1, Side 2)


Harpagon and Fanny

Harpagon and Lise

Val and Lise