The Bonds of Interest

“A must see play” – Colin Noden, Apt613

Odyssey Theatre returned for our 34th season with a new translation and adaptation of The Bonds of Interest by Nobel Prize laureate Jacinto Benavente.

The Bonds of Interest is a brilliant comic intrigue about two con artists who swindle an entire town of crooked merchants, powerful elites, and grasping pretenders, all of whom will stop at nothing to get rich quick. This clever satire takes aim at the corruption and insatiable greed flourishing in a modern money- driven world.

Distinguished scholar Catherine Boyle of King’s College London collaborated with Odyssey’s Artistic Director Laurie Steven to create a dynamic new translation that introduced Benavente’s modern Commedia dell’Arte masterpiece to the contemporary English-speaking world.

Inspired by graphic novels and hip-hop jazz funk music, a world of decadent glamour and decaying wealth set the backdrop for this satire of mob mentality unleashed by greed and exploited by two cunning schemers.

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The Bonds of Interest — Audience Reactions on Opening Night
We caught up with our audience members on opening night to see what they thought of The Bonds of Interest. Check out what they had to say about the show!  


Commedia with commentary in Odyssey Theatre’s latest production by Patrick Langston, Artsfile

“At first blush, you’d swear that Odyssey Theatre’s upcoming production, The Bonds of Interest by Spanish playwright Jacinto Benavente, was cherry-picked as a commentary on Donald Trump and his version of America.”

Game of Thrones actor returns to Ottawa Theatre by Darren Major, CBC News

“I’ve never really played a character like that in my life. So Laurie and I thought that this would probably be a good project for me to come back [to] and this looked like it was the right season.”

The Bonds of Interest: Jacinto Benavente’s Renewal of Spanish Theatre (1907), a significant choice for this new Odyssey beginning by Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle

“There is a magnificent twist at the end, which is worth the whole evening”

Theatre Review: Odyssey Theatre’s The Bonds of Interest by Colin Noden, Apt613

“‘Ingenuity and Impudence are all we have,’ says Crispin. Throw in Imagination, a little Vaudeville pas de deux, love and chance, and an Oxford comma. Add a mask. A sprinkle of Shakespeare. The glamour of opera. And you have a must-see play.”

Odyssey Theatre’s Bonds of Interest unmasks flawed humanity with panache by Patrick Langston, Artsfile

“Movement on this set and under these lights is highly stylized […] At times it’s funny, at times it’s disquietingly vicious. Always, it’s clear that we are witnessing a heightened representation of human behaviour and one that both signals and masks the characters’ true intention.”

Ottawa Photos of the Week, CBC News

“Game of Thrones actor Ross Mullan returns to the Odyssey Theatre in Ottawa after being away for 26 years to star in The Bonds of Interest.”



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