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Based on the feedback to an event posted, we have decided to postpone indefinitely.

We want to first acknowledge the hurt we have caused to a community we value greatly. We hear you, we see you, and we appreciate you for sharing your thoughts and feelings to hold us to account. We are grateful and deeply apologetic.

We will take ample time to reflect, engage, and put in the necessary work until we can create a space that is representative, equitable and inclusive.

It is in the acknowledgement of our insufficient consultation, dialogue and representation that we will begin our work. And we will continue that work in the forthcoming weeks.

Although at the time we believed we had adequate Indigenous representation on our planning committee, thanks to your valuable insight, we now recognize that we did not ensure adequate Indigenous representation in our event. It was wrong and we are sorry.

It was in the spirit of our two past events that have been in partnership and in collaboration with Indigenous communities and artists that we began our planning. However, today was a lesson of the prerequisite work needed to ensure future collaborations are fully inclusive.

Our number one priority is to analyze our mistakes and to engage in active dialogue. We are grateful for the opportunity to put in the necessary work to create an event truly reflective of the communities with whom we wish to collaborate.

Our first step is to consult Indigenous community members and organizations. We will seek additional Indigenous representation on the planning committee before we move forward.

We’re not asking you to do the work for us. That is our responsibility. However, if you wish to continue a dialogue with us, we would be grateful for your voice, your time and your energy. Please do not hesitate to be in touch.

Once again, we are deeply sorry for the error of judgment and harm caused. We thank everyone for their labour, time and energy in holding us to account.

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