The Development and Marketing Officer is a new full-time position at Odyssey Theatre. The position reports to the General Manager but works very closely with the Theatre’s Fundraising and Marketing Committees.   The position is responsible to help ensure the Theatre meets its financial and revenue goals by developing and implementing strategies in fundraising, marketing, and sales by:

  • Enhancing the Theatre’s profile and positive reputation with the public, theatre community, funders and donors, and audiences by building networks and partnerships, implementing innovative communications initiatives, and generating media coverage of Odyssey Theatre;
  • Researching, developing and implementing an annual fund raising plan to increase revenues from non-government sources, including corporations, foundations, individuals and special events;
  • Implementing an annual marketing plan for the Theatre’s programs and performances to achieve box office targets; and,
  • Conducting other related duties as directed by the General Manager.

The Development & Marketing Officer is a new full-time position:

  • Duration of 12 months, from October 23, 2017 to October 31, 2018 with the possibility of renewal;
  • 40 hours per week at an annual salary between $35,000-$40,000 depending on experience.

Please submit a cover letter, resume, the names of three references and two writing samples* by October 10, 2017 to:

Mr. James Richardson, General Manager, Odyssey Theatre

By email: or to 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6E2



  1. Fundraising and Development:
  • Maintains an up-to-date knowledge of private funding programs, trends and best practices;
  • Works with the General Manager and Board to develop an annual strategy to raise funds from private sources including corporations, foundations and individuals. This includes:
    • Developing an annual plan, schedule and targets for fund raising activities;
    • Identifying activities where the Board of Directors can assist in implementing the plan (for example research, contacts, meetings);
    • Monitoring progress against the plan and providing regular updates to the Board, including proposed actions to meet any shortfalls;
    • Ensuring prompt recognition of private sponsors and donors and working with the Board to build and develop positive relationships with donors; and,
    • Building and maintaining accurate and complete databases of prospective and existing donors, including information to better target future requests.
  • Secures funding from foundations and corporations to sponsor and support Odyssey activities and programs and achieve budget objectives, including:
    • Conducting research to identify potential corporate and foundation partners and their donation/sponsorship policies and priorities, and develops strategies that best target Odyssey requests to secure naming sponsors for specific programs and activities;
    • Preparing well-written, high quality and innovative funding proposals that specifically respond to criteria and priorities of potential funding partners;
    • Meeting with prospective corporate and foundation donors to secure funding support with the General Manager or members of the Board;
    • Ensuring prompt, significant and appropriate recognition of corporate and foundation donations;
    • Submitting timely and high quality reports to donors on their support;
    • Builds and maintains strong and positive relations with corporate and foundations donors.
  • Plans, develops and implements strategies to increase financial support from individual donors, including:
    • Developing improvements to our Friends program to increase the number of donors and amounts contributed to the Theatre;
    • Developing high quality letters and fund raising materials to increase individual donors to the Theatre (Spring pre-show; September post-show; United Way workplace; end of year);
    • Ensuring prompt, personal acknowledgement and recognition to donors, including issuing tax receipts;
    • Develops innovative ways to leverages social media platforms to increase private donors to the Theatre;
    • Maintains an effective database of donors, amounts given, and donor preferences; and,
    • Develops and organizes special events to build relationships with and thank the Theatre’s donors.
  • Works with the Board, the Events Committee and volunteers to raise funds from fund raising events. This includes:
    • Developing an annual plan, schedule and targets for fundraising events (existing events include: Spring Craft Beer Tasting; Park Silent Auction; Fall Garage Sale; Vacation Raffle);
    • Identifying activities where the Board and the Events Committee can assist in implementing the plan;
    • Recruiting and managing volunteers to assist in delivering fundraising events;
    • Monitoring progress against the plan and providing regular updates to the Board, including proposed actions to meet any shortfalls; and,
    • Presenting an annual review of fundraising events to the Board.
  1. Marketing:
  • Works with the General Manager, Artistic Director and the Board’s Marketing Committee to develop and implement an annual marketing strategy to promote awareness of Odyssey programs and activities and achieve growth in ticket sales as set by the Board. This includes:
    • Implementing an annual plan, schedule and objectives to market various Odyssey activities and programs, such as Theatre Under the Stars, Youth Apprenticeships, New Play workshops, Talk back sessions, and special events;
    • Identifying target audiences and effective strategies to reach them; and,
    • Monitoring progress against the plan and providing regular updates to the Board;
  • Develops, prepares and distributes high quality marketing materials such as posters, brochures, flyers, ads, press releases, public service announcements, media kits and content for Odyssey’s web site;
  • Develops and implements digital and on-line strategies and activities to promote the Theatre on-line, increase awareness of the theatre, expand audiences and increase revenues (including e-brochures, videos, blogs, twitter, Facebook and other platforms);
  • Develops and collects information to identify our audiences and target markets and monitor the effectiveness of marketing activities including audience and marketing surveys.
  1. Public and Community Relations
  • Maintains good relations in all dealings with the public and stakeholders and promotes a positive image of the Theatre at all times;
  • Develops and implements creative strategies and ideas to increase positive media coverage of Odyssey on a year-round basis, including preparing media releases and public service announcements;
  • Prepares a bi-annual newsletter for donors and funders of the Theatre;
  • Builds and maintains strong networks in the community in particular with organizations and groups in Sandy Hill and with the business community to further the theatre’s ability to increase community support in all forms;
  • Maintains good networks in the local arts sector and positively represents the Theatre as needed at events;
  • Seeks opportunities to increase awareness and maintain a positive image of the Company in the Canadian theatre community; and,
  • Cultivates positive relations with the media on a year round basis.