Work & Train


Auditions for our 2017 season of Theatre Under the Stars are now completed. Many thanks to everyone who came out!

The deadline for applications has passed. We received many excellent submissions and would like to thank everyone who applied.

Odyssey holds General Auditions for actors in Ottawa and Toronto in January/February each year. We also hold auditions on a project-by-project basis. They are by appointment only. To be considered for an audition, please send a hard copy of your resumé, headshot and a cover letter to:

Playwrights who have a completed script they wish to be considered for Odyssey’s Theatre Under the Stars production may submit a two-page summary and a cover letter explaining how the play relates to our style of work and venue. See New Play Creation.

Playwrights or creators with a proposal for a play for Odyssey who would like to participate in our New Play Creation Program can submit a 5-page treatment by August 1, 2017.