Performance Labs

To pioneer new directions in theatre art, Odyssey provides workshop time for writers, directors, actors and choreographers to experiment with theatrical forms. Labs are held at an early stage in the development of a new play to discover the impact of the emerging performance style on the script.

Labs have been held to explore the integration of Asian forms of masked theatre, fusion with post-modern dance, and incorporation of innovative puppetry forms. They have led to groundbreaking Odyssey productions. A Lab with internationally recognized choreographer Peter Chin led four years later to our award-winning production of The Wedding. Labs in post-modern dance with Pierre-Paul Savoie and puppetry with Rag and Bone Puppet Theatre introduced new theatrical approaches that were incorporated in the production A Guy Named Joe.

Labs are invigorating for performers, a testing ground of ideas for directors and choreographers, and inspiring for writers. We invite community artists to attend as observers, and hold open rehearsals for the public.